Composite research support

With roots and links to EPFL, EELCEE is a leading source of advanced composite innovation. We drive research and innovation in the area of continuous fiber materials, process and product development.

Our aim is to apply all interesting and relevant composite materials to our manufacturing process to be able to match the customer demand at hand. QEE-FORM's® can today be provided in a range of polymeric materials (thermoplastic, thermoset, elastomeric etc.) and fiber systems (Glass, Carbon, Natural etc.)

A fiber system with increased functionality, beyond mechanical performance is also under development.

I-CELL – bringing advanced composites closer to our customers

As a catalyst to promote the potentials of advanced composite technology, we have set up a customer learning center where we bring together our customers with the advanced composite research laboratory of EPFL under the supervision of EELCEE to enable manufacturability and industrialization.

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