A young company with a long history

The founder of EELCEE, Prof. Jan-Anders Månson, represents a unique life-long combination of hands-on industrial experience
and world-renowned research in polymer and composite technology.

The industrial roots
1960-1980 Hands-on experience at the family's plastic company for more than 15 years, always with the focus on cost and quality, most recently as CTO in the mid 80s
The academic roots
1980 PhD in the field of composite processing
1985 Composite professor in Seattle
Academic experience at Univ. of Washington and Boeing and during their transition to Composites for the new line of aircrafts
1990 Professor at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)
Setting up a laboratory taking aerospace technology to the high-volume market
1995 Research focus on High-volume Composites
The first experimental set-up was developed for what is today is the QEE-TECH® technology with over 50 scientific publications and several patents
2000 Invited industrial collaborators
The first industrial consortium was established with major global OEM and supply-chain partners, focusing on application development and cost modeling
2005 Full-scale pilot plant
Applications produced under industrial conditions; and extensive testing and evaluations was performed with customers
EELCEE foundation
2008 Foundation of EELCEE
Commercial launch of our QEE-TECH® technology. The focus during the first years was on close application development with costumers seeking new solutions for entering into high volume composites. A large interest was built-up for the QEE-TECH® technology
2011 Major investment in EELCEE
Fouriertransform AB made a major investment allowing extensive build-up of resources in application and process engineering
2012 EELCEE expansion
New sites have been established in Sweden and activities in Asia are under planning